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    By the time the 2018 season is over, the burlington soccer team will be back in the USL.

    That’s not only the goal of the soccer team, but the whole of the city.

    For the past few years, the team has been in the National Soccer League.

    Since they relocated from the NSL to the USL, they have been on a winning streak.

    The team has made it to the MLS Cup Finals in both 2016 and 2017.

    With that success, they were named to the 2018 USL PRO Playoffs and will now have the opportunity to return to the playoffs for the first time since their inaugural season.

    With the USL Pro team returning, there are a lot of questions surrounding the team.

    How will they be able to field the team when the club is not playing soccer?

    Will they be the team to lead the team in goals?

    The answer to both of these questions will be revealed when the team returns to the field.

    Here are some of the main questions that remain: How will the Burlians keep the team healthy?

    Will the team be able field the same team that was in the NSSL for all three years?

    Will Burlies coaching staff have any more time on the job?

    These are just some of those questions that still need to be answered before the team can return to soccer.

    Will the Burls be able get a new stadium?

    If they decide to stay in Burlington, they will be forced to pay an average of $20,000 to build a new home, according to the Burlington Free Press.

    Will they need to find another venue to play?

    Will there be more revenue streams in the future for the Burlyss?

    These questions need to have answers before the new season can begin.

    How is the Burlies budget going to be covered?

    Will new players or new players coming in help with the Burlesbian soccer budget?

    With that being said, the Burlingys budget will be covered by a combination of tax breaks and subsidies, according the Burlington Post-Dispatch.

    The Burlings general manager, Rob Covington, is not happy with how the city of Burlington is funding the team, according an interview with the Burlington Sun.

    The city of Burlingham’s tax breaks are a huge deal.

    The tax breaks allow the city to spend tax money on infrastructure projects that are needed, such as roads, water pipes and sewer systems, according CNN Money.

    The money comes from the Burlington Public School District and is used to pay for the team’s soccer operations.

    For example, the city spent $6 million last year to renovate and expand the stadium.

    The rest of the money was used to build parking lots and other amenities for the football team.

    The $6.3 million is more than the BurLands total operating budget, according ESPN.

    The local government has invested a lot in the team over the years, including providing $8 million in scholarships for the 2018 team.

    What will the new stadium look like?

    The Burlinges new stadium will be a privately funded facility, according To The Point.

    This means that the team will not have to pay to have the stadium built.

    However, if the stadium does not become profitable, the stadium will likely become a parking lot.

    How long will it take to build the new facility?

    According to the Vermont-based website, a lot can change in a year.

    Construction could begin as early as February 2018, and the team would need to open the stadium for a few games before the season begins.

    Will there have to be a change in the Burlonians soccer identity?

    When the team was originally named the Burlines, the club was based in Burlington.

    After the club moved to North Burlington, the name was changed to Burlington-Brookline.

    This change made the name more appealing to the fans, and they wanted to stay associated with the club.

    The new name, though, is a bit of a mixed bag for the players and fans.

    For one, the players on the team have changed names several times.

    This is the case for both the goalkeeper, Aaron Zukowski, and striker, Nick Mancini.

    Other names on the roster are new to the team: goalkeeper, Nick D’Agostino, is currently a substitute, while defender, Chris Ellington, played his first game in 2018, playing in the first half of the match against the Montreal Impact.

    The soccer club also had a name change in 2018.

    The club changed their name from the Burlen-Brooklines to the Burley Soccer Club, which stands for Burlington-Brooklyn.

    What is the new name Burlisons fans should be used to?

    As of this writing, the official Burlises official name is Burlington-Brooks.

    It is the name of a Burlington high school, which was founded in 1891.

    The school was renamed in 2002, when the name Burlington High School was changed from Burlington High to Burlington