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    A new survey has found that the Denver Broncos are the most overrated NFL team in the country.

    The survey, conducted by the ESPN Insider Football Research Lab, found that, at least among NFL fans, the Broncos rank dead last in terms of fan satisfaction and overall likability.

    Only three other NFL teams come close to topping the Broncos, which rank as the second most underrated team in terms in the survey.

    The San Francisco 49ers are the least overrated team, at number 19.

    The Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders are the only other teams to rank higher than the Broncos.

    According to the survey, the biggest issue facing NFL fans is that they feel their team has been unfairly treated by the media and other public figures.

    “When it comes to NFL fans who have been treated unfairly, the worst thing a fan can say is that their team is overrated,” said the ESPN Insiders Football Research Group’s co-founder and co-owner John Schott, a former quarterback for the San Francisco Giants and Seattle Seahawks.

    “If the public thinks that the NFL’s ratings are the worst in the league, that’s when you get the real problem: The fans who feel like their team’s ratings don’t really matter.”

    The survey also found that most fans don’t believe the league is taking adequate steps to address player injuries.

    “The league is really good at protecting players’ bodies, but it doesn’t do enough to prevent players from getting injured, and it doesn.

    There’s not enough research to really say that the league’s injuries are being addressed,” said Schott.

    In addition, the survey found that some fans feel that the lack of an ownership structure has negatively affected the sport and the fans.

    “I think a lot of the fans that are excited about the sport right now are actually not fans who want to be fans.

    They want to see the players perform, they want to watch the games, they don’t care if it’s a game that’s going to be played on the gridiron or in a stadium.

    That’s really what fans want,” said Shott.

    The ESPN Insider football research group, a division of ESPN, is the leading research arm for sports and entertainment media.

    In the last year, it has interviewed nearly 2,500 people, including more than 100 former NFL players, coaches and executives.

    The survey was conducted online in September and November.