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    American soccer teams are not only popular in Brazil, but they are also very popular in the U.S. Soccer Federation has put together a list of what to watch for at this year’s FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Brazil from June 11 to July 9.

    While there are still no English-language guides for the tournament, some of the most popular teams include New York Red Bulls, Orlando City SC, Philadelphia Union, Columbus Crew SC, and Seattle Sounders FC.

    (Check out the full FIFA World Tour guide here.)

    Here are a few things to look out for: The Red Bulls have been a huge favorite since they won the MLS Cup in 2017. 

    The league’s New York City FC won the league title in 2018, and they have been winning at an insane rate this season.

    New York is the only team that has beaten a team from the outside of the top three. 

    Portland is the second-best team in the league.

    The Timbers have been the best team in MLS this season, finishing with an impressive 8-2-1 record and a win-loss record of 10-5-2. 

    A lot of the teams from Europe have been dominating in the tournament.

    Real Madrid and Manchester United have been dominant in the group stage and the quarterfinals. 

    Both Barcelona and Bayern Munich have won the tournament and will face off in the semifinals. 

    Paris Saint-Germain has been the surprise of the tournament so far.

    The French champions have been so dominant in group play, they have reached the semifinals in each of the last three seasons. 

    Tottenham Hotspur will face Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Bayern in the quarterfinal. 

    In the final, Real will face Manchester United in a rematch of last year’s Champions League final. 

    Barcelona and Bayern are currently ranked fifth and sixth in the world, respectively, with a win in the competition would go a long way in determining their place at the 2018 FIFA World Cups. 

    Here are five more things to watch in the FIFA World Tournament.

    Borussia Dortmund are the second team to win the UEFA Champions League since 2007. 

    Dortmund won the competition in 2017 with a 2-0 victory over Bayern Munich in the first round. 

    Last season, they reached the quarter-finals and advanced to the semifinals, but the German team fell to Barcelona. 

    This year, Dortmund will face the same opponent that they did last year in the Europa League semifinals.

    At home, Dortmund are a force in the Bundesliga, averaging over 5,000 fans per game. 

    Montreal Impact have been in the top half of the league for a couple of years now. 

    Impact have a chance to make history in Brazil with a title this season thanks to a 6-0-2 record. 

    Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the top scorer in the European Football Championship with 26 goals. 

    Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Luis Suarez are the four most valuable players in the NBA, according to Forbes. 

    Nah, we’re going to go with Neymar. 

    After playing in the Olympics, Lionel Messi is currently leading the way for the soccer world in scoring with 25 goals.

    His goal total would be more than any other player in the history of the game.

    His success has put the spotlight on Messi, and his fans have taken to social media to praise him for his performance. 

    Michael Jordan is the first basketball player to score 100 points in three consecutive games. 

    Jordan became the first player to accomplish the feat after scoring his first 100 points with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1992. 

    On Sunday, LeBron James will face Michael Jordan in a game that will mark the first time a player has scored 100 points. 

    James’ record of 100 points is one of the highest in NBA history, surpassing that of former Barcelona and Miami Heat star Michael Jordan. 

    NBA players have played in more than 1,400 games in the modern era. 

    LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Carmelo Anthony are the most valuable NBA players in history. 

    Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry is the most-valuable player in NBA History. 

    Clint Capela was the first to reach 20,000 career points for the NBA. 

    Kevin Durant is the reigning MVP of the NBA Finals. 

    Houston Rockets forward Terrence Jones is the MVP of NBA Finals MVP. 

    DeMarcus Cousins is the leader of the Washington Wizards and has been one of basketball’s best players since he arrived in the city of Washington. 

    Kyrie Irving is the best player in basketball. 

    Irving has been averaging 19.7 points per game since the start of the 2018 NBA season. 

    Andrew Wiggins has been in basketball’s elite class for several years. 

    Wiggins, who is the leading scorer in NBA All-Star voting, averaged 21.2 points per contest in the 2017-18 season.