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    A new soccer club in New York’s Middletowest neighborhood has attracted national attention, attracting a group of young soccer players who’ve been working with a former Major League Soccer player.

    The soccer club, Middlettowest Soccer Club, was founded in May, and it has been dubbed the “soccer of Middleston,” with a focus on grassroots education, training, and development.

    The soccer team’s owners, Daniel and Laura Lefebvre, have been active in the soccer community in New Jersey for several years.

    The Lefevre family has owned and operated a soccer field in the village of Middenown, and the Lefegures’ son, David, was named an assistant coach at the New Jersey Soccer Academy.

    David Lefeffre was a part-time coach at Rutgers University and was the head coach of the New York Cosmos from 2012-16.

    In 2017, he was named the head soccer coach at a Middleground high school.

    David is a native New Yorker, but he also moved to the United States from Canada about 10 years ago, and has lived in Middlestown for the past several years, David Lefffre said.

    He said he is excited to be in the Middliestown area with his wife, Kelly.

    David said he was working with the players to build the team, but the team is more than just a club.

    David Lattrere said the team wants to help young people who are interested in soccer learn the game.

    “The idea is to build an experience for our kids, and then hopefully we can make it a permanent part of their lives,” David Lapprere told ABC News.

    David and Laura are both students at the City University of New York, and their son is an aspiring soccer player, David said.

    “I’m so excited to see how this will grow and the kind of success it’ll have,” David said of the club.

    The Lefefevres have a passion for the game, David added.

    “We’re always learning about the game and we’re always trying to get better,” David told ABC.



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