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    Soccer clubs are known for their logos, which are typically colorful and often a nod to their nationalities.

    In Canada, it’s the Montreal Impact who have their own logo.

    Here’s a look at some other teams: Montreal Impact Montreal Impact soccer club logo (left) is a red-and-white striped strip that appears on the sides of the club’s shirts.

    The Montreal Impact is owned by a French-Canadian group.

    The club has been active since 1982, when the Impact was founded by former MLS players.

    The Impact’s crest is a black triangle with a white circle and two crossed white lines.

    The black triangle is a star with three black triangles.

    The triangle in the center of the triangle has the words “MOIMETO” in red.

    The word “MOIME” is written in red at the top.

    The three-striped strip is the word “MET” in black, red and white letters, with the word in white.

    The white circle is a white star and the white star is a soccer ball.

    The letter “M” is in white letters and the letters “T” are in red letters.

    In the bottom center of each strip is a letter “T”.

    In the middle is a vertical line.

    The horizontal line is a diamond.

    The diamond is a yellow circle with white stars on the edges.

    The yellow circle is the letter “N” and the letter N is in red lettering.

    The star is white in a red, white and blue color.

    The soccer ball is white with a red line across it.

    The words “Montreal Impact” are written in yellow.

    In front of the star is the logo of a black-and



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