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    With the NASL and Major League Soccer finally reaching an agreement, the Charlotte Soccer Team has a new home.

    In 2016, the team was purchased by a group of investors that also included Charlotte Mayor Michael Nutter and the mayor of San Diego, the mayor’s son, and a handful of investors.

    The Charlotte soccer team now plays in the USL PRO.

    The group’s ownership is led by businessman Bill Edwards, who purchased the Charlotte Eagles soccer team in 2015.

    The team is one of the few remaining professional soccer teams in the United States.

    The Eagles won their first championship in 2015, but the Charlotte club has gone through many changes since then.

    The new ownership group wants to make the team more attractive to potential investors and create a better atmosphere in Charlotte.

    The first step in this plan is creating a new training facility.

    It will be located in downtown Charlotte and include a new, indoor soccer practice field, a training field and an indoor soccer training room.

    The training facility will also include a practice field for soccer players, a coaching facility, and an outdoor locker room for fans.

    The facility will be open to the public in 2020.

    The club will also be building a new locker room facility and a coaching building that will be dedicated to soccer players.

    The owners plan to renovate and modernize the training facility, adding an indoor practice field and improving locker rooms.

    The renovation of the training complex will begin next year, and the indoor facility will open in 2021.

    The renovations will also improve the facilities for the youth and community programs that will play in the training area.

    The expansion will also create a soccer practice facility in the community.

    The city of Charlotte is also in the process of building a soccer field at the site of the former soccer stadium.

    The field will be the centerpiece of the facility and will be used for youth and other soccer programs.

    The stadium will be a multipurpose facility for concerts, youth soccer, youth sports, community events, and other community-based activities.

    The soccer field will include two soccer fields, two soccer goal posts, two artificial turf fields, a soccer goal, a goal post, and two goal posts.

    The fields are made of a durable composite material and will have an additional goal post.

    The project is expected to cost $1.6 million.

    The $1 billion project is one part of a $2 billion, five-year soccer development plan for the city of Camden, New Jersey.

    The plan includes a soccer training facility that will host soccer players for youth soccer games and a soccer locker room.

    There will also also be an indoor training facility and soccer practice area for youth sports teams.

    The two facilities will be designed to be fully accessible.

    In addition, the project will include a youth soccer program for youth players that will have training facilities, locker rooms, a practice area, and more.

    The projects are part of the Charlotte Economic Development Corporation’s “Vision 2030” initiative, which aims to create a 21st century economic development district that includes the area that includes downtown Charlotte.

    In January, the city announced a new $1 million grant to the Charlotte Sports Alliance.

    The money will help fund an expansion of the Camden River Park and Riverfront Park and the construction of the new soccer training complex.

    The sports association is seeking to attract more sponsorships for the soccer field, training facility or locker room, and create more jobs.

    The council approved the sports association’s $1,000 grant in February.

    The funds will be spent on improving the existing soccer training field, improving the indoor training facilities and building the new facilities.

    The next step in the development of the soccer training center will be to determine the exact location of the field.

    The final approval of the expansion of Camden River and River Park will take place in December.

    The City Council approved the expansion in October, and construction of two new soccer fields is scheduled to begin in 2021, at a cost of $3 million. 

    The soccer training training facility for youth youth will be at the new facility, which will also provide a youth basketball practice facility. 

     The new soccer facility will include three fields.

    The main field will hold about 200 soccer players and will include indoor basketball and soccer fields.

    There are also two soccer practice fields. 

    The main field and the practice fields will have two artificial soccer goalposts, two goal post posts, and three artificial turf field markers. 

    There will also likely be an outdoor basketball and volleyball court.

    The goal posts will be made of durable composite materials and will contain a goalpost. 

    Additionally, the facilities will have soccer practice areas for youth teams, youth football, youth basketball, youth hockey, youth volleyball, youth ice hockey, and youth soccer.

    The indoor practice area and the outdoor locker rooms will be fully ADA accessible, with an additional set of ADA accessible ramps. 

      The indoor soccer facility and training facility also will include an indoor coaching building and an adjacent practice field. 

    In 2020, the soccer practice facilities will open,