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    Spanish clubs in Wisconsin are trying to become the first soccer teams in the United States to play in a public park and are hoping to have a permanent home in the Milwaukee area.

    The clubs are in talks with the city of Milwaukee, the city manager of Milwaukee Public Library, and the City of Milwaukee Parks Department.

    The Spanish club is in the process of acquiring a new home in Milwaukee, but plans to build a soccer field in the city.

    The club is trying to secure $1 million for the project.

    The team will play in the stadium, which would be on the edge of Milwaukee parkland and will host soccer matches at the same time as soccer games on the field.

    The stadium is expected to be ready for soccer matches in 2020.

    In addition to being able to play football and soccer, the club is hoping to attract soccer fans to Milwaukee, said Jorge Ruiz, the president of the Spanish Soccer Club of Milwaukee.

    Ruiz is an architect and a designer with experience in planning for new stadiums.

    He hopes to build the new stadium in the same location as the current stadium, and he wants to build an open-air soccer field for the fans to enjoy.

    The Milwaukee Public Libraries plan to install a solar roof, which is a way to generate energy and save money.

    The library is also looking at installing a rooftop solar system for a soccer stadium.

    A soccer field would allow the club to attract more fans.

    “We are very excited about the soccer club in Milwaukee and want to help them achieve their goals,” said Carlos Gonzalez, a manager at the library.

    The current stadium has about 2,000 seats and the club plans to have about 3,000 fans at any given game, Ruiz said.

    He said the new soccer stadium could hold a capacity of 6,000 people.

    “It’s going to be a huge opportunity,” Ruiz added.

    The park is currently a designated historic site, and Ruiz hopes to have the soccer team play in one of the open-pit areas.

    The city of Green Bay, which owns the land, has an agreement with the Spanes and is willing to donate the park to the soccer clubs.

    But there are also concerns about the cost of the stadium and the number of seats.

    “I think it will be a problem,” said Green Bay City Councilwoman Carol Krasner.

    “They are asking for a lot of money.

    There’s a lot to consider.

    There will be problems with parking.

    There may be problems in terms of parking because it is a public area.

    I think there will be some issues with the park itself.”

    Krasneers city has also expressed an interest in the new park.

    “Our city has a lot on its plate right now, and we can’t have a lot going on here at the moment,” Krasners city manager, Lisa Sorenson, said.

    “The current park is not as good as it should be and it is going to have to be replaced.

    There are things we need to do in terms to make sure the park is going into the future.”

    Ruiz and his team hope to build soccer fields in other cities that have soccer stadiums, including New York City, Philadelphia, San Diego, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

    They also want to build another soccer stadium in Milwaukee.

    They are trying hard to secure funding for the new football stadium.

    “There are a lot things that we are looking at,” Ruisez said.

    They have already secured a large amount of funding and are currently working to raise the funds for the soccer stadium, he added.

    He is hoping for the public to support the soccer teams efforts.

    “This is going all of the way, to be able to be part of a larger plan,” he said.

    The first season of the soccer league will begin in 2020 and the second season will begin later this year.

    “What we’re trying to do is create a soccer culture in our communities, and create a good environment for everyone to enjoy,” Ruises said.



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