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    JACKSON, N.Y. — A soccer club in northern New York has been named as one of the world’s most important soccer institutions by Forbes magazine, as Jacobson Soccer Club, which plays its home matches at a football stadium in Brooklyn, is a national leader in the field.

    The accolade is awarded each year to a soccer team or association that is “one of the top 20 or so” in the world, Forbes magazine says.

    Jacobson Soccer club’s chief executive, Daniel Jacobson, said the name honors Jacobson’s love for soccer, and the history of the club.

    “It means that we are a team that has always played at the highest level and has been able to grow and grow,” he said.

    The team, which is based in New York, started in 1887 in Brooklyn.

    The club has won two championships, the first being the 1908 national championship, and was the first to win a championship in the United States.

    Jacobson also played in soccer for the United Kingdom.

    Jacobsons son, Jacobson goalkeeper Adam, is an assistant coach for the U.K. national team.

    The club is led by Jacobson and his son, who have played soccer at the youth level for the past 25 years, and also play for the Brooklyn United Soccer Club.

    They also play in the local professional league, the Midland Football League, and are a member of the New York Football Supporters’ Club.

    Jacobsons soccer team plays at Brooklyn Park, a stadium that was named for Jacobson.

    The stadium was originally named the Jacobson Field in the 1920s, but was changed to Jacobson Park in 1963.

    Jacobssons soccer club also has a track record of success, winning the New England League title in 2015 and winning the state championship in 2012.

    In 2013, the team played in the U-20 World Cup and earned its first-ever MLS Cup.

    In the past decade, the club has grown to more than 100 members and is expected to be a major player in the future.

    “I’m proud of the work we’ve done here, and it’s really exciting,” Jacobson said.

    Jacobsen Soccer Club plays in Brooklyn’s Brooklyn Park soccer field, which was renamed Jacobson after Jacobson played for the British soccer team.