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    England’s Euro 2020 qualifiers have begun, and we’re still waiting to see who will make the field.

    But for now, the most important thing to watch for is who the country’s football clubs are going to play.

    The teams will play the next two qualifiers, the first in the UK, and then in Germany, before their final qualifier, the quarter-finals.

    The tournament will kick off on July 11 and will be held in England, but in terms of the national teams, the United States and Germany are the most prominent, with the US team likely to be the favorites.

    While the US has made it clear it wants to take the World Championships to a neutral venue in New York, it is unclear whether the US will take the tournament to a new home for the next round.

    The US team will face Germany on the same day in Germany’s second qualifier, but the teams are yet to meet.

    Meanwhile, Germany is the most likely team to reach the quarterfinals.

    The team was seeded into the group stages of the World Cups by the USA, but it is now set to face off against Argentina in the group stage.