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    A new bill that would bar gay couples from marrying in the state has been filed in the Oregon House.

    The measure, HB 447, is modeled after similar bills introduced last year in Arizona, Indiana, and South Carolina.

    Supporters argue the bills are necessary to protect religious liberty in the face of increasingly liberal states.

    But opponents argue the laws violate civil rights and are discriminatory against same-sex couples.

    The bill, which has already been passed by the House, will be heard by the full House on March 12.

    A vote on the bill is expected in the House Judiciary Committee next week.

    A similar bill is being debated in the Senate.

    Read more about the bills, including how to stop them.

    Oregon’s bill: Oregon’s Senate bill: https://www, SB447.pdf#.

    UwF6Zq2vXnA The American Conservative reports:The bill’s author, Rep. Bruce Harrell, told The Oregonian/OregonLive in a statement that he thinks the bill will be approved by the state’s legislature.

    “We are hopeful that we can get this bill through, but we are not ready to be the first state to pass such a discriminatory law,” Harrell said.

    “I believe this bill will not only be challenged in court, but it will also be struck down by the courts as unconstitutional in the eyes of the Supreme Court,” Harrel added. 

    HB 447 would ban the “marriage of any person, regardless of sexual orientation.”

    It would also create a new “gay marriage” bill, SB4, which would bar same-gender couples from being married in Oregon. 

    SB4 would also bar the state from issuing licenses to same- gender couples.

    It would create a statewide registry of same- sex couples, which will be used to determine if they should be able to wed.

    Oregon’s LGBT rights group Equality Oregon called the bill “stunning.” 

    “HB 477 is a terrible piece of legislation that has already passed both houses of the Oregon Legislature, but this week’s passage by the Senate gives us a new tool to stop the discrimination that has been taking place in Oregon,” said Equality Oregon executive director Dan Lyons.

    “Oregon has been an early adopter of same sex marriage, and the bill would further restrict that movement.

    We need to keep Oregon a safe place for everyone, including our LGBTQ community.”

    The state’s Republican governor, Kate Brown, has made no public comments on HB 477, but she signed a resolution opposing the bill last month.

    The resolution did not specify whether she would sign the bill into law, but Oregon’s constitution does not explicitly prohibit marriage between same- and opposite-sex partners.

    The House vote on HB 47 comes a week after a similar bill was defeated by the Republican-led Senate in Oregon in June.

    The Senate vote was considered and defeated in a 21-15 vote.

    House Speaker Tina Kotek, who has faced backlash over her support for gay marriage, called on the state to follow the Senate’s lead and pass a bill that protects religious freedom.

    “I want to see Oregon become a place where the rights of the LGBT community are protected and protected with respect and dignity,” Kotek said.

    A similar bill failed in the Republican controlled House last year.

    The House’s GOP leadership has not said whether it plans to support the new legislation.

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