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    More than a dozen people are being charged in connection with a planned “blackout” protest in New York City.

    Police say the protest, which was slated for Tuesday night, would include the sale of fireworks and a march on Times Square.

    The protesters are calling themselves “the people of New York.”

    Police said the plan is to hold a “riot,” but they did not elaborate on what the protest would be about or who was planning it.

    Police said they were trying to prevent “riotous and potentially violent behavior.”

    The protest is not an official event.

    It is also illegal to hold public demonstrations in the United State.

    A spokesperson for the protest organizers said they are “not planning to disrupt any other events that take place throughout the United Kingdom or elsewhere in the world,” but said the organizers “have no plans to be disruptive in New Jersey.”

    Authorities say the march is intended to “disrupt and disrupt the lives of our fellow citizens.”

    Police are calling on people to leave Times Square, which is set to close at midnight, and to stay in their homes.

    The city is facing a wave of hate crimes following President Donald Trump’s inauguration, and a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

    The mayor of New Jersey announced that a planned white nationalist protest would take place on Monday night.

    “We don’t want to have an event like this in the city of New Bern, NJ,” Mayor Marty Walsh said.



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