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    The United States Soccer Federation has issued an apology for what it called “serious mismanagement” by its North American Soccer League, and said it is removing the club from the USSF’s list of teams for the 2017 World Cup in Brazil.

    The federation announced Friday that it had made the decision to remove the team from the list after the US Soccer Federation failed to meet several requirements for the club’s inclusion.

    The decision comes as the USSL faces pressure to act on a proposal by US Soccer to bring the team back to the fold.

    The team, known as Pride FC, was a founding member of the league in 2012 and had played its home games in the past two seasons in Orlando, Fla., but was not able to secure a team site in the city of Orlando.

    Pride FC had its season in jeopardy after its home opener in January was postponed due to the Zika virus outbreak in the United States.

    The club is now scheduled to return to Orlando in early February.

    “This is a difficult time for our league,” the federation said in a statement.

    “We are making this decision after an extensive review of all our policies and procedures.

    The decision was made based on all of the facts and circumstances.

    The USSF and the North American soccer community need to come together to address the concerns and issues that have arisen in the US.

    The NASL is a valuable asset to the league, but it is time for a change.”

    The federation said it was taking the action because the club had not met the league’s criteria for a full-time roster and because it “continues to be in violation of our policies, regulations, and standards.”

    The statement added that it was reviewing the federation’s procedures to identify additional steps it may take to ensure that the team can continue to play in the league.

    The federation did not name any specific examples of how the team would be subject to the changes.

    The USSF said it had reviewed all of its policies and standards, and that the federation would implement the changes within 48 hours.

    It also promised to “conduct a thorough review” of the issues and report to the federation on any additional steps the league may take.US Soccer president Sunil Gulati called for the NASL to come back to a site in Orlando and to get a new roster in place.

    “We will not allow this team to continue to be excluded from our World Cup roster, and we will work with the NASL, the USFL and other leagues in the country to put it back on the field,” Gulati said in the statement.



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