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    Posted October 08, 2018 07:19:36I just had a few minutes to sit down and play with some Fall soccer friends and they were really excited about the idea of a soccer field. 

    So I was able to convince them to take the plunge and build a soccer training field.

    And, yes, it took me some time, but eventually, it was pretty easy.

    Here’s the setup:The field looks like a large, rectangular field, so the kids will be able to see it from their home, but they’ll be able see it for a long time.

    The field is built in an oval shape.

    There are two sets of soccer balls, the red ones are used for kicks and the green ones are to be used for interceptions. 

    The goalposts are positioned on the side of the field, where they will be easy to hit. 

    I started by cutting the red and green balls down to size and attaching them to the sticks. 

    Here are some pictures of the soccer fields, all done with a couple of small kids (and some adults) helping.

    The red soccer ball. 

    (Thanks to the kids who helped me get the ball down to the size it needs to be.) 

    I cut the green soccer ball to fit the sticks so I could use it as a safety net when the ball was not on the ground.

    (The sticks are made of a metal called aluminum foil, which makes it easy to bend and snap.) 

    The yellow soccer ball is used to cover the posts on the field.

    I cut up some aluminum foil and then added some plastic to the sides of the posts to create a protective barrier. 

    In the center of the center posts, there are two pieces of wood.

    I drilled a hole through the middle of one of them and I then made a hole in the other one. 

    Then, I attached a wooden stick to the end of the sticks and I added a small metal post to the middle. 

    A few of the kids put the sticks into the holes and set them up for soccer practice. 

    There are several different soccer ball types available for the field: red, green, yellow, blue, and even a purple soccer ball (with a white band on it). 

    The field was built to be safe for the kids to play in, but if I were to have the field in my backyard, I would like to have some kind of fence or guard rail around it.

    Here are pictures of my field from the beginning:The kids and I had some fun playing on the soccer field with the soccer sticks.

    The kids are really happy playing on it, but I think the fence would help keep them safe from soccer balls. 

    And yes, the fence was really fun to play with.

    Here’s what it looked like when we finished playing with it. 

    As you can see, it is a bit tricky to hold the sticks while you’re playing.

    But it’s worth it because I can see that it is going to be pretty fun to have kids playing on my field once the kids grow up and get used to playing soccer on it.

    The fence is great for protecting the kids from soccer ball hits.

    Here is another picture of the fence from the end, showing how the fence looks after it’s been painted. 

    This was done by a guy named Mike who is a teacher at the academy. 

    Mike said that he likes the idea that the soccer players will be protected from their own bodies.

    I think that the fence will be great for this. 

    We’re all really excited to see the soccer kids grow into the soccer world and see the field and the soccer goalposts in action. 

    Now, let’s get to the pictures! 

    Here is a picture of my kids and me playing on a soccer pitch. 

    You can see how the field is pretty large, and the stakes are pretty high. 

    But this is the perfect spot for the goalposts to be placed. 

    Another picture of me playing soccer. 

     This one is taken from the left side of my house. 

    It looks like my house is the size of a football field, but there are a few other soccer fields around my neighborhood that are the size or bigger. 

    For this picture, I put the posts in place in the middle, and I put a metal post in the back. 

    My parents and I played on this soccer field, and we didn’t play with the kids very long. 

    They were happy to watch and play. 

    After I finished playing on this field, I went back to the other field, which was still in place, and used the same type of posts I had used for the posts I was using on this one.

    We played a few more games on this and they all ended up going to a game on the other soccer field that was still there. 

    Next, let me take you inside my house, which is about a half-



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