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    A team is a team is what you have when you’re playing a sport, and when a team goes out for the season, you’re essentially playing a game of catch up.

    That’s exactly what happened to the Cincinnati Reds last season, as the team was forced to move to a new facility for next season and, even though it was a home run for fans, they were not able to live up to the expectations.

    The team had to relocate to Columbus, Ohio, and after two seasons, the team announced on social media that they would be leaving the city in 2017.

    But not everyone is a fan of the move.

    The Cincinnati Enquirer reported last week that fans are angry over the move, and even though the team will remain in Cincinnati, the fans are still angry, even if the team is leaving the team for Columbus.

    One fan told the Enquireruc that the fans don’t want to see the team stay in the city, and it’s just not true.

    Fans don’t even want to support the team if they want to.

    “It’s a city of idiots.

    There’s no support.

    They can do whatever they want, and they’ll still go to work tomorrow,” the fan said.

    In response to the Enquiry, Cincinnati Reds President Matt Andres said, “We have no intention of moving any of our franchises to Columbus or moving them out of Cincinnati.”

    The team has been in Columbus since 2005, when the team moved to Louisville, Kentucky.

    It was an amazing move for the team, and fans have always been very passionate about their team.

    The franchise also became a major national brand, having won four national championships between 2007 and 2012.

    The city, however, has become notorious for its violence, and there have been numerous violent crimes on the city.

    The Reds were not the only team to leave the city last season.

    Other teams including the Chicago Cubs and the New York Yankees were also forced to relocate.

    According to The Cincinnati Business Courier, the Cincinnati Redmen were one of the last teams to leave Cincinnati for Columbus, but they were also one of those teams that did not stay in town long enough for their team to be able to take advantage of the benefits of relocation.

    When asked why the team left Cincinnati, Andres responded, “It was a very difficult decision for us to make.

    It’s one that was made very early on, and we have to take full responsibility for that decision.

    It wasn’t easy, but we made the decision.”

    The decision to move is not a perfect one, and some fans are not happy with the move either.

    “We’re going to move again, and again, to Columbus.

    That doesn’t mean we’re going away.

    We’re going there because we’re committed to the city and we want to do the right thing.

    But I don’t think you’re going anywhere,” one fan told The Cincinnati Post.

    “I just don’t see why we’re not moving,” another said.

    “They should have kept the team.

    We should have stayed here, but it just feels like they’re dragging us down.

    There are more than one reason why we shouldn’t stay in Cincinnati.”

    There are other teams that are considering moving to Cincinnati to take the advantage of relocation benefits.

    The Indianapolis Colts announced last week they would move to Indianapolis in 2017, and according to the Indianapolis Star, the Indianapolis Colts have been trying to make the decision for years.

    “For years, the Colts have sought a new home for their NFL franchise, but Indianapolis has struggled to attract enough fans to sustain an NFL team, as fewer fans choose to live in the region,” the Indianapolis Times reported.

    “The Colts have struggled with stadium issues and stadium construction, but the team said last week it is confident that it will make the move to Indy and has reached a new deal with a developer to build a new stadium.”

    The Indianapolis Star also reported that Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard said the team had been looking at relocating for several years.

    Ballard told the newspaper that the team has a plan in place for relocation that includes the possibility of the team moving to Columbus next year.

    “There are no plans right now to relocate, but there are a few other options that I think are very viable,” Ballard said.

    The move could also mean the end of the Indianapolis 500, the iconic racing series that began in the early 1900s and has been held every year since.

    It is a series that fans love to watch, but is not known for having a great fan base.

    According the Indy Star, there are currently just two teams in the series: the Indianapolis-based IndyCar and the California-based Honda IndyCar series.

    The last Indy 500 was held in May of this year, and the team made a statement in the hopes of keeping the race going.

    “As we have come to grips with the fact that this will be our last IndyCar



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