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    The first week of January is usually a slow one for fans in Australia, with the NFL kicking off with the first home game of the season on Saturday.

    However, that’s no longer the case for those who are in Australia on Boxing Day.

    On the Australian calendar, on February 2, a game is scheduled for AFL and NRL.

    If you’re in Melbourne or Sydney, the first game of 2018 could be on the Gold Coast or Sydney.

    If you’re out of Australia on this date, there are a few ways to catch a game.

    Aussie fans can also tune in to ABC TV, where they’ll be able to watch the game live, or stream the AFL and NFL on Foxtel’s mobile app.

    If you have an iPad, you can stream the games on the App Store.

    And if you’re on a tablet or phone, you’ll be happy to know you can also catch the games via an on-demand stream.

    For fans of all sports, you have options.

    You can go straight to ABC, or catch the game on Foxtv’s app.

    If the game is on FoXtv, you will get the game as an ondemand broadcast, with a few extras, like a live studio audience.

    If the game has a pre-sale option, you’re better off buying a ticket at the box office, rather than on-sale.

    But if you can’t make it to the box-office on Boxing day, you should be able find a ticket from one of the many ticketing sites out there.

    If a venue has one, you may be able use the code ‘SIXTEEN’ on their website to buy your ticket online.

    You’ll need to be 18 or over to attend the gameIf you are in an adult or student accommodation accommodation and need to access the live studio, the code is ‘BULLDOGS’ on the venue’s website.

    This code can also be found on the Foxtell app.

    If your accommodation is not a student accommodation, you could find a student-only ticket to the game from the ABC on their app.

    Just use the codes ‘BUCKY’ or ‘CHEESE’ to access this option.

    For more information on getting to a game in Australia in 2018, check out our guide to the best ways to watch AFL and NBA games in 2018.



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