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    The U.S. Soccer Federation has begun recruiting for a position in Texas and has started hiring for a job in Fargo, a city in the northeast part of the state.

    The Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Authority announced on Monday that it had hired an engineering director to help expand the club’s operations and make it more competitive with other international soccer franchises.

    Fargo is one of two MLS franchises in Texas, along with San Antonio’s Rio Tinto Stadium.

    It also has a small soccer team in the North Texas Soccer League.FIFA said it would hire a technical adviser, a member of the engineering team, a director of operations and a marketing manager to help recruit people for the job.

    The club will be able to hire about 40 employees, including engineers, managers and a sales representative, FIFA said in a statement.

    Federation president Sunil Gulati said the expansion of the club will help the sport thrive in Texas.

    “This is a win-win for our fans, our club, our people and our region,” Gulati told the Dallas Morning News.

    “We are able to add a global soccer brand to a market where there are only a few teams and one international club.

    We are also able to attract and retain a great number of new members to the Dallas area.”FIFA is also in the process of hiring a marketing representative to help promote the club.

    The Fargo City Council is looking for a sales and marketing manager.



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