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    The most famous soccer team is called the Cincinnati Soccer Club, and the oldest is the St. Louis Fire.

    The team was formed in 1904, and today has teams in every major city in the United States.

    This past summer, the team’s owner, Jim Cantore, passed away.

    But the club still has a long history in Cincinnati, thanks to a team of local people who have built their own soccer teams over the years.

    The best thing about the St Louis Fire is that they were one of the first to bring the team to Cincinnati.

    “They were a great group of guys that were a little bit older than I am, and they were really dedicated to their team,” said St. Paul resident Kevin Pritchard, who plays for the Fire.

    “The St. Lukes had this thing where they would go out and recruit the kids and they would take care of it, and you could tell by the kids.

    They were just really passionate about the sport.”

    St. Jude, the St Lukes’ affiliate, also has a history of being a strong supporter of soccer in the city.

    The Fire are the first team to ever be sponsored by the St Jude Children’s Foundation.

    The club also has an affiliation with the St John Fisher Foundation, which gives grants to local youth.

    The St. Johns’ current season runs from April to October.

    While the St Johns’ team is only playing soccer, their fans are watching the team on television and in person.

    “It’s the same thing as St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, and people come out to watch it and they’re going to get their money’s worth,” said Jim Cantor, who grew up in the area.

    “A lot of the kids in our community are in the business of making a living.

    They get to do something they love and they make a lot of money for the community.

    The soccer team was a great way for us to do that.”

    Cantor grew up playing soccer with his brothers, and says he’s proud of the team.

    “We’ve all been there.

    We’ve all seen it,” he said.

    “You can see the fans and the people that support us.

    It’s a great team.”

    Cantore and his family also grew up on the soccer field, and now play in their own backyard.

    “When I was a kid, I used to play soccer with my brothers and my sister and my brother-in-law,” Cantor said.

    When the Fire first came to Cincinnati, Cantor’s brother-at-law, Brian Fournier, played for the club.

    “He was really into it, too,” Cantore said.

    Fourner played for two seasons for the Stiles, who have since been renamed the St Louses.

    “If you ever see him in the stadium, it’s just a massive roar,” Cantone said.

    Cantor and his brother-academy mate, Kevin Fourniers son, Brian, are two of the best soccer players in the neighborhood.

    They’ve been playing since they were kids.

    “Brian is my best friend,” Cantion said.

    Kevin Founiers son Brian has also been playing soccer since he was a teenager.

    “I don’t think he’s got any friends in the soccer world,” Kevin said.

    The Fournirs are just as passionate about soccer as their family is, and Cantor believes they are part of the reason why the soccer team’s popularity continues to grow.

    “There’s not too many people that play soccer,” Cantones family said.

    “It’s a sport for everyone,” Kevin added.

    “For kids, it teaches you how to play and it teaches respect.

    It teaches good manners.

    You see how important it is to play the game.”

    A team of dedicated volunteers also helps run the club’s social media accounts, like @sjcfc, which is filled with photos and stories from the soccer community.

    “What you see is what you get,” Canton said.

    A photo of Kevin Fourell is one of many that go viral.

    “That’s what makes the game great,” Cantona said.

    There are also soccer camps at the club, as well as clinics that teach players how to use the soccer ball.

    “Every time we get a new player, we make sure that they’re prepared,” Cantory said.

    For Cantor it’s not just about the game, but about his community.

    Canton has been to St. Augustine, Florida, and Cincinnati before he and his wife moved to Cincinnati last summer.

    He also lives in New York City and works for a private equity firm.

    “All of my friends from New York are still playing,” Cantora said.

    This is why Cantore loves Cincinnati.

    He and his fiancée, Brittany, recently got married in New England and plan to have their first child in October.

    “Our son will be able