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    Israeli soccer club Radnor is celebrating its end of its seven-year military occupation of Gaza, with the club’s new logo depicting the country’s flag and the phrase “The End of Israel-Gaza Conflict.”

    The club was founded in 2000 by former players of Israeli soccer team Yom Kippur Shalom, who also founded the Israeli football club Al-Aqsa, which is now based in Jerusalem.

    The club played in Israeli professional soccer leagues until 2009, when the club was taken over by the military.

    “The end of Israel’s occupation of Palestine is not a trivial event,” the club said in a statement.

    “Our aim is to provide a space for the people of Israel to express their feelings, emotions and thoughts about the Israeli occupation and occupation-related issues.”

    The team, which played at Al-Sawwan Stadium in the Israeli capital for three seasons, will continue to play in Israel and the West Bank and have an affiliation with the Israeli national team.

    The club has been fighting for the right to play football in Gaza since 2009.

    In a statement, the club called the occupation of Palestinian territories “one of the most intractable challenges of the 20th century.”

    “We will not stop fighting to ensure the right of Palestine to live in peace and dignity,” the statement read.

    “It is time to leave the occupation and build a new state of Israel, in order to create a Palestinian state that is in solidarity with the Palestinian people and in accordance with international law.”



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