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    The Thunder have been on a tear this season, winning 12 of their last 15 games, including six of the last seven.

    Now they’re back in the thick of things.

    But what does this mean for the future?

    The Thunder won’t be playing in the conference championship game unless they make the playoffs.

    The Thunder are on pace to finish in the bottom half of the West Division, which is a big step forward for the Thunder in the wake of their recent playoff slide.

    The top seed in the West, the Los Angeles Lakers, is the team with the best record, and the Thunder could make it to the conference finals with a win against the Lakers.

    But, there’s still one team who could be in position to upset the Thunder this season: the Miami Heat.

    The Heat are currently tied for second in the East, but they have a great chance to take the second seed.

    The Heat have been one of the best teams in the NBA, and they’ll need to win their final five games to have a realistic shot at making the playoffs this season.

    The East will be a much different place this season than last year.

    The Miami Heat won the 2016-17 NBA title with LeBron James as their star.

    The LeBron James Era will continue, but the Thunder will need to come up big this season to win the title.

    Here’s a look at the upcoming schedule for the Miami Thunder.