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    Soccer fans can watch FIFA 2019 on the big screen at home in the UK, but you’ll have to pay for the TV licence if you want to watch the World Cup.

    You’ll also need to pay £10 for the subscription, but it’s still cheaper than watching in-market games on the BBC, according to Eurogamer.

    The only thing you need to do to get the deal is to sign up for a BT Sports Sky channel and pay £8 per month.

    This isn’t a cheap price, but BT’s service costs around £4.50 per month and the TV service costs £10.

    If you’re not keen on paying for a Sky subscription, you can watch the Fifa 2019 match on a BT Sport account.

    FIFA 19 will be available on both the BBC and Sky channels, although the latter will only be available to UK users.

    There are no plans for the new FIFA title to launch on Apple TV, however.