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    When I was 12 years old, I attended a football game at the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio.

    I didn’t have a ticket, but my mom and dad drove us to the stadium.

    I remember looking out the window and seeing the players on the field.

    As I watched, the field turned into a big, empty room, with the field being filled with the stadium crowd.

    As the crowd cheered, I saw that they were the same kids from the football team.

    That was the first time I had seen the kids play the sport of soccer, and I remember thinking to myself, This is something I should have seen when I was a kid.

    When I grew up, I started to play soccer at age 12, and as a young adult, I’ve always had a passion for the game.

    Soccer has always been my passion, and this was the beginning of a lifelong relationship with the sport.

    As a soccer fan, I grew into my own soccer identity, becoming an avid supporter of the San Antonio Scorpions.

    At age 17, I joined the San Diego Sockers and began my journey as a professional soccer player.

    I was lucky enough to be assigned to the San Jose Earthquakes during my rookie season.

    As my time with the Quakes began, I experienced some great moments along the way, including playing in the playoffs.

    I also made a name for myself with a memorable goal that helped San Jose clinch a playoff spot.

    I think one of my biggest joys with the club was my friendship with head coach Dominic Kinnear, who is the son of legendary soccer coach Jim Kinnear.

    We had great chemistry on and off the field, and it was a pleasure to be able to work with him.

    The season after I left San Jose, I was fortunate enough to work for the club for the next four years, and then it was time for me to go to the University of Minnesota to pursue my dream of playing professionally.

    After college, I spent the next few years as a college student in the Twin Cities, where I was able to play with the Minneapolis Silverbacks.

    My time with them was great, and we developed some strong ties with our fans.

    After a few seasons in Minnesota, I moved to San Antonio in 2018, where the team is located.

    As an international soccer fan who loves soccer in all its forms, I love the city and its people, and was thrilled when the Earthquakes agreed to bring me to San Jose for the 2018 MLS season.

    I knew I wanted to be with the Earthquakers because of the support I have received in the past and for my passion for soccer.

    I have the utmost respect for our fans, and they have been my family since the moment I arrived in San Jose.

    In 2019, I decided to return to San Diego to pursue a soccer career, but it was never a given.

    As part of my decision to move to the United States, I made a few decisions that I thought were the right ones for me and the team, but I’m sure I’ll regret them one day.

    One of those decisions was to transfer my full-time job to a local sports media organization.

    It was not the easiest decision for me, and that was the only reason I decided this.

    I felt a great responsibility to my fans, the team and the city, and to be in San Diego at the start of my new career was something I truly wanted to do.

    I’m very thankful for the support from my teammates and coaching staff in the locker room, and for the amazing fans who make the Earthquaks and Scorpions such a special organization.

    When it came time to announce my transfer to MLS, I couldn’t have been more proud of the Earthquake organization.

    They took a chance on me and gave me a chance to play in front of a lot of people.

    I love working for them and I’ll miss playing with them, but at the end of the day, it’s just me, me and my career.

    I will be happy to be playing for another club or league if the opportunity arises, and if I ever get the chance to come back to San Francisco.



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