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    New York City FC has a rich soccer history, with the team’s roots rooted in its first players, the Flathead Pioneers.

    They were from the city’s eastern part, and their club was named after a flathead trout, which was one of their main exports.

    Today, they are a powerhouse in the area, with several major championships and the most recent one in 2018.

    And their current players are all Flathead natives.

    Now, one of those players is a player from Flathead, and he’s the one making a name for himself as the first player of his own generation.

    The player is known as Norwin, and his story is one of growing up in a small, conservative town.

    He’s a member of the Flatheads’ youth team and he has a knack for getting the ball to his teammates.

    The team is a member-owned entity, meaning the players themselves don’t own any shares of the club.

    They’re not able to get a share of any of the profits.

    But they can still benefit from the team because the Flat Heads play at their local soccer field and Norwin’s parents also have a stake in the club, according to the club’s website.

    “My dad owns Flathead Soccer Club, and so my mom and I, we all own the club,” he told NBC News.

    “We were a little bit like little kids, and my mom just wanted to have a good time.

    So we just kind of helped her out a little.”

    As the son of an Eagle Scout and a soccer coach, Norwin was raised on the team and had his own set of expectations for himself, as the son who had the opportunity to play in the national team, a player he credits for helping him to develop his soccer game.

    He was an early adopter of the game, and now he’s playing a part in helping the FlatHead Pioneers achieve their goal of making the NWSL a real success.

    The team is growing at a rapid pace, and with more than 20 teams in the NWL this season, the club is aiming to add more teams as it tries to compete with the top tier of soccer in the United States.

    “When you look at the league today, there are maybe 10 teams out there that are doing the same thing,” said Norwin.

    “I’m just trying to be the one to bring them all together and make it a reality.

    It’s kind of like a dream come true.”

    To keep up with the Flat Head Pioneers and other local soccer clubs, head to their website.

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